Antibiotic Free Livestock Products and Wood Pellets for Smoker Grills

Animal Production Without Antibiotics, Reducing Pathogen Load and Stimulating Immune Function

Practical Ag Solutions was started with the ideal of bringing unique products to the agriculture industry that would enhance livestock production and overall herd health. The basic premise was to concentrate on antibiotic free livestock products that would help to eliminate or reduce pathogen loads in our modern-day livestock production systems, and at the same time, stimulate normal gut flora and the overall immune system.

The basic philosophy is that maximum herd health begins out in the field when we plan our crops. Some of our antibiotic free livestock products are used in agronomy as well as in animal production systems to maintain good crop health so that we deliver higher quality grains and forages to our livestock systems.

We supply individual unique antibiotic free livestock products that may enhance or strengthen the weakest link in your production chain. We also do custom nutritional products such as base mixes, minerals, or supplement enhancements designed to reduce oxidative stress.


Reed-Sedge Peat

Decaying organic matter that was buried by glaciers.  It is rich in the organic acids, fulvic, and humic.


Liquid Reed-Sedge Peat

The product to the left has been treated with KOH (potassium hydroxide) which makes it soluble in liquid up to 24%.


Pecan Natural Fiber (PNF)

Ground pecan shells.  High in antioxidant value.  Has been shown to reduce E. coli and Salmonella in poultry by 90% when included in a ration at 5%.


E Cow Whey

Ultra-filtered whey that is from cows that have been exposed to specific antigens.  Research has shown it to be an immune-modulator.


Anolyte Water

Electrolysed NaCl solution that has dissociated the NaCl solution into hypoclorous acid (HOCl) and sodium hydroxide(NaOH).


Pre / Probiotics

Beneficial Biology used in Bio-Pro (Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeast, Phototrophic Bacteria) exclude any pathogenic and genetically modified microorganisms that are harmful to humans, animals and plants.


Pit / Lagoon Products

Pit pucks are a dry form of Bio-Pro used for innoculating pits and ponds. Excludes any pathogenic and genetically modified microorganisms that are harmful to humans, animals, and plants.

Dry Bedding / Litter Amendments

Dry Bedding / Litter Amendments aid in water and waste absorption and storage until spread. Nitrogen Binder helps reduce ammonia in the air as it dries out bedding.



Hickory Smoker Wood Pellets

The king of smoke woods. Hickory smoked foods have a rich, faintly sweet flavor. The hands-down favorite for pork and ribs, but also pairs well with beef and chicken.

Oak Smoker Wood Pellets

Most versatile of hardwoods, blending well with most meats. A mild smoke flavor with no aftertaste. Oak gives food a beautiful smoked color. Great with red meat, pork, fish, and big game.

Mesquite Smoker Wood Pellets

Southwest favorite has become one of the most popular smoking woods in the country. We tame mesquite overpowering flavor by blending with oak. Mesquite is an excellent complement to beef, fish, pork, and poultry.

Pecan Smoker Wood Pellets

This cousin to hickory has a similar but sweeter, mild flavor. Perfect for long smokes. An all-around smoking wood for most meats including poultry, beef, pork, and even cheese.

Cherry Smoker Wood Pellets

Slightly sweet fruity smoke that's great with poultry and pork. This smoke is a mild, sweet and fruity; it gives a noticeably rosy tint to light-colored meats. Blends well with oak or hickory. Great with all meats.

Apple Smoker Wood Pellets

Slightly sweet, but a denser fruity smoke flavor. The strongest flavor of all the fruitwoods. To increase BTUs of softwood, we add oak.  Commonly used for pork, poultry, and game birds.