About Practical Ag Solutions

Practical Ag Solutions was started with the idea of bringing some unique products to the agriculture industry that would enhance livestock production and overall herd health.  The basic premise was to concentrate on products that would help eliminate or reduce pathogen loads in our modern-day livestock production systems, and at the same time, stimulate normal gut flora and the overall immune system.

The basic philosophy is that maximum herd health begins out in the field when we plant our crops. Some of Practical Ag Solutions products are used in agronomy as well as in animal production systems to maintain good crop health so that we deliver higher quality grains and forages to our livestock systems.

Practical Ag Solutions supplies unique products that may enhance or strengthen the weakest link in your production chain. We also do custom nutritional products such as base mixes, minerals, or supplement enhancements.

Meet the Team

Dr. Bruce Rafoth

Dr. Rafoth practiced veterinary medicine for 31 years in a mixed large animal practice emphasizing prevention rather than treatment. As part of the practice, he owned a feed mill to provide nutritional support for his herd health programs.  He also provided autogenous vaccines to his clients to help control specific problems unique to a particular herd. He also worked for a short time for USDA/FSIS in meat inspection which gave him an idea how buearacracy works, or doesn’t.  His background in meat inspection led him into doing 3rd party food safety audits all over the US, Canada, and Mexico.  After being away from the science of veterinary medicine for a few years,  he and Brad Forkner started Practical Ag Solutions with the idea of bringing unique products to agriculture emphasizing antibiotic free production. Dr. Rafoth may be contacted at (563) 608-1675 or [email protected]

Brad Forkner

Since beginning a sales career in 1980, I have experience in working 17 mid-western states through nutrition, management, processing and distribution of Agricultural products for livestock through grains and feed products. I have been involved with almost all phases of crop and livestock production.  Some, (too much) experience with logistics, along with solid experience in retail stores and people management that have allowed me to become well versed in many venues.

I love building nutrient dense grains for carbs and protein, therein lies one of my greatest passions.

This grain in an integrated farming/feeding system, or in cooperating with the customers who raise, or feed and care animals we help provide for nutritional and environmental inputs.  From improving the air quality, ensuring the water is fresh and contaminant free, to dry litter amendments, composting, and manure management.  We address pathogen loads from the soil, the feed, water, air, and don’t forget bio-security.  I include Reed-Sedge Peat, immune modulators, probiotics, and herbs/antioxidants into the feed/food and cropping plans. We bring natural ingredients into production whenever we can to . Pecan natural Fiber, coconut oil, and the Reed-Sedge Peat bring antivirals, antioxidants, and antimicrobials into our feed source. Utilizing and incorporating manure and compost management where needed into a complete cropping plan to boost efficiency, prevent a buildup of salts, heavy metals, and partially digested antibiotics, and to be good stewards of the soil.

I represent Reed-Sedge Peat in the states I market and have found this to be a very pure and consistent product that is highly soluble. Recently I have partnered to bring livestock sanitation and feed amendments that supply a full non-anti-biotic source to meet consumer demand. My Reed-Sedge Peat is OMRI certified in its category for livestock feed. Brad may be contacted at (815) 257-8463 or [email protected]