Pecan Natural Fiber (PNF)

Ground pecan shells.  High in antioxidant value.  Has been shown to reduce E. coli and Salmonella in poultry by 90% when included in a ration at 5%.

  • Natural source of fiber for optimal gut function
  • Helps reduce E. coli and Salmonella


PNF is a natural, healthy, fiber made from 100% Ground Pecan Shell. One beneficial area of use is in newborn animals such as calves, piglets, and poultry chicks. Additional savings are possible by a reduced dependency on antibiotics.

Pecan Natural Fiber current applications are as follows:

Calves: Day 1-up to day 40 (weaning) in at 1-1/2 % – 3% inclusion in milk.
Piglets: Feeding the sows at 1%, Day -10 before delivery to weaning age of piglet. At weaning, PNF added to solid feed for piglet at 1%+.
Poultry: Chicks Day 1-16+ at 2% – 3% of pelletized feed.

PNF added at the feed mill before pelletizing (no change in throughput, energy, or temperature of pellet mill).