Smoker Wood Pellets

Our high quality smoker wood pellets contain a high percent of the Actual Flavor Woods with no filler woods, artificial flavors or additives. Our smoker wood pellets are a 100% wood product with an authentic wood flavor. Longer lasting product, which saves money. Higher BTU. Less ash buildup. Fill hopper less frequently. No additives or oils.

Hickory Smoker Wood Pellets

The king of smoke woods. Hickory smoked foods have a rich, faintly sweet flavor. Great for pork, ribs, beef, and chicken.

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Oak Smoker Wood Pellets

Most versatile of the hardwoods blending well with most meats. A mild smoke flavor with no aftertaste. Oak gives food a beautiful smoked color. Great with red meat, pork, fish, and big game.

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Mesquite Wood Smoker Pellets

This southwest favorite has become one of the most popular smokin woods in the country. Mesquite is an excellent complement to beef, fish, pork, and poultry.

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Pecan Wood Smoker Pellets

This cousin to hickory has a similar but sweeter, mild flavor. The subtle character makes pecan an all-around smoking wood for most meats including poultry, beef, pork, and even cheese.

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Cherry Smoker Wood Pellets

Slightly sweet fruity smoke that's great with poultry and pork. This smoke gives a noticeably rose tint to light-colored meats. Blends well with oak or hickory. Good with all meats.

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Apple Smoker Wood Pellets

Slightly sweet, but a denser, fruity smoke flavor. The strongest flavor of all the fruitwoods. Commonly used for pork, poultry, and game birds.

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