Dry Bedding / Litter Amendment

  • Aids in water and waste absorption and storage until spread
  • Nitrogen Binder that helps reduce ammonia in the air as it dries out bedding

Verified ammonia readings dropping from 30ppm to being stable at 8ppm

  • Natural Toxin Binders
  • Aids in reduction of E. coli, salmonella, listeria
  • Natural Chelators help with sequestering of contaminants
  • Observed a reduction in pathogen load when bedding stays dry. Most pathogens utilize the moisture to accelerate rapid growth and cause disease
  • All natural products friendly to crop or grain production when spread (all-natural product which helps increase agricultural yields)
  • OMRI Certification if necessary provided to certifier
  • Mixing rate: dry 10 pounds / 100 square feet
  • Less need to constantly break up crusting in a poultry litter application
  • Requires changing straw, stover, shavings, and sawdust less often in livestock bedding due to moisture/ammonia build up
  • Get more nutrition back for plant production. By sequestering and binding the nitrogen, phosphates, potassium, and micronutrients to the bedding with the natural chelators more nutrition is being transported to the fields and stays in place instead of entering streams and water aquifers
  • Starts the composting process for breakdown
  • No harsh or abrasive chemicals
  • Can be used in conjunction with material to address hard shell beetles
Bedding and Litter Amendment