Reed Sedge Peat

Reed Sedge Peat is decaying organic matter that was buried by glaciers. It is rich in the organic acids, fulvic and humic. Both of these are effective chelators of heavy metals and essential minerals to make them more available to plants and animals. They also are effective toxin reminders. Product also serves as a carbon source for normal intestinal microflora.


    • Toxin and heavy metal binder
    • Natural chelating agent…better feed utilization
    • Firms up stools, reduces ammonia and odors, and helps retain water
    • Natural anti-viral properties, enhances blood flow, carries more oxygen
    • Natural anti-oxidant properties, helps control feed dust

Humates for Crops

  • Increase yield, stimulates early root proliferation
  • Better ion exchange rate for better crop residue breakdown
  • Natural chelation to stabilize heavy metals
  • Frees up phosphates and enhances nutrient absorption